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Connected Planning in the Cloud

A next-generation, cloud planning platform that empowers teams to paint a complete picture of the future, across your entire enterprise.

Deliver optimal shareholder value

Quorum corporate planning solutions deliver connected, intelligent company plans, providing complete and accurate data from all departments, spontaneous collaboration, and feedback loops that minimize risk and exposure. Quorum connects people, tools and processes, and acts as your trusted source of truth for enterprise-wide planning.

Exponentially increase the value of your company
Find major savings in your strategic portfolios
Reduce portfolio management processes to days from weeks


Connect every planner to an intelligent platform unifying portfolio management, economics, financials, and reserves for your entire company.

Business Planning

Faster and more effective decision making with a cloud-based Oil and Gas Planning Software that connects all of your data from the reservoirs to the boardroom

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Petroleum Economics

Conduct reliable, accurate, and repeatable economic analysis with Quorum's cloud-based petroleum economics software.

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Financial Planning

Generate IFRS or GAAP-compliant forecasts to understand the impact of portfolio scenarios on financial performance across your upstream oil and gas business

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Reserves & Resources Management

Paint a complete picture of corporate reserves and resources with comprehensive, enterprise-level management and reporting software.

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Strategy & Portfolio Analysis

Evaluate trade-offs, optimize your plans, manage uncertainty, and gain clarity around your petroleum company’s most important strategic decisions.

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Harness distributed computing with an intelligent platform that enables your teams to harness innovation and ideation across your entire organization.

Enhance efficiency. Mitigate risk. Improve your bottom line.

From exploration to distribution, Quorum transforms every step of the energy value chain.

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Start your company’s next evolution.

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