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A Core Values-Based Approach to Enterprise Customer Care


February 28, 2020

What comes to mind when you think of Customer Experience? If the word Obsession pops into your head, then Forbes list of The 10 Most Customer-Obsessed Companies Of 2019 is for you. In it, Chick-fil-A, USAA, and Hilton receive top marks based on four criteria: innovation, environmentalism and sustainability, employee experience, and customer-centricity.

But what if, to you, Customer Experience is more of a feeling that you share common values with a brand or a business? According to Forrester’s Predictions 2020 guide, “More than 55% of consumers will consider Company Values when making a buying decision.” Based on this prediction, an obvious challenge exists for companies to prove their authenticity—to do business by their core values.

After 20 years in business, Quorum challenged our employees to update our company values as we enter into our third decade of operations. The Quorum Culture Committee, a team that represents our more than 700 employees, gathered feedback from their fellow team members and our customers to develop a new set of values. Here’s the result – “We share a commitment to customers, community, and culture, built on shared beliefs to lead the way; deliver excellence, and grow together.”

Quorum Core Values

We share a commitment to customers, community, and culture, built on shared beliefs to:

  1. Lead the way.
  2. Deliver excellence.
  3. Grow together.

In addition to modernizing the core values we share with our customers, community, and culture, Quorum increased our investment in Customer Experience to support doing business by our values. We invested an incremental $4 million over and above our 2019 budget to strengthen our commitment to customers in the following ways:

  • We grew our Support team resources by 11 percent.
  • We doubled our investment in Cloud infrastructure.
  • We doubled the size of our Quality Assurance team.
  • We created a new team dedicated to Customer Success.

For 2020 Quorum is building on this commitment by investing in the creation of a new organization – Enterprise Customer Care. Enterprise Customer Care brings together our Customer Success, Support, Services, and Training departments under one group. It shares the same framework that supports our small business and SaaS customers, which enjoys a 90 percent overall customer support rating.

Enterprise Customer Care Framework

Watch the video to learn more about it from David Townsend, Executive Vice President of Enterprise Customer Care.

We look forward to helping our customers lead the way, deliver excellence, and grow together. Would you like to get in touch to discuss Enterprise Customer Care? Contact us today.

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