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Carbon Storage Resources Management

CO2 storage is a proven and effective way to isolate captured CO2 from the atmosphere. Understand the full value of this technology with an industry-leading CO2 storage management system that reduces errors and simplifies complex workflows.

Quorum Energy Suite

Standardize CO2 Storage Resources Management

This is a cloud-based platform that tracks and captures estimates of CO2 storage resources to enable in-depth analysis, reduce risk of errors, and integrate data from multiple sources. It provides reservoir owners with a comprehensive and standardized application to understand their portfolio of CO2 storage resources.


Single Source of Truth

Capture CO2 storage resource volumes alongside approvals and supporting documentation.

Full Audit Trail and Compliance

Meet control and audit requirements with robust security features.

Supports SPE’s CO2 Storage Resources Management System (SRMS)

Align with the industry standard framework for managing and reporting CO2 storage resources.

Data Source Integration

Seamless integration to gather resource estimates from other Quorum applications as well as third-party tools.

Approval Process

Assign approval limits and enable multi-tiered approval workflows.


Spend Less Time Gathering Data

Users will have more time to analyze storage resources data and support decision-making.

Reduce Risk of Data Entry Errors

Company-specific data quality checks can identify errors before they enter the application.

Scalable for Companies of All Sizes

From small independents to international supermajors, companies around the world can take advantage of our CO2 storage resource solution.

Prepare for Future Reporting Requirements

Capture and report CO2 storage resource estimates in a structured manner in preparation for future regulatory requirements.