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Environment and
Emissions Management

Monitor and take control of your environmental footprint with integrated emission management for Energy Components.

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Take Control of Your Carbon Footprint

Elevate your carbon reduction strategy with precise air emission monitoring via Energy Components. Streamline emissions calculations, hydrocarbon data allocation, and real-time detection of responses through automated processes and comprehensive hydrocarbon reporting.


Air Emission Monitoring

Calculate and monitor your greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Energy Components includes Predictive Emission Monitoring System (PEMS) with parametric calculation methods, emission factor library and Continuous Emission Monitoring (CEMS) data. Capabilities includes calculating GHG, CO2 equivalents and non-GHG emission factors and emissions supporting scope 1, scope 2 and scope 3 emissions.

Automating Emissions Calculations

Production data managed, calculated, or allocated in Energy Components provides input for emission calculations, and can be included in allocation network models or as separate calculations to run when production data is updated.

Data Quality, Validations, and Approvals

Environmental emissions management enables all features for data validation, data locking, revisions, and approvals. All calculated emissions can be traced and verified from input data through formulas with validations, revisions, and approvals workflows.

Calculation Library

Get started quickly with pre-configured and customizable library calculations and flows for emission factors, unit conversions and emissions. The graphical equation writer provides transparency when auditing calculated emissions from results to source.

Visualize and Monitor Emissions

With our Reporting and Analytics emission status and trends can be monitored and reported. Reports and dashboards can be tailor-made to fit your organizational requirements for monitoring emissions.

User-Friendly Configuration

With current Industry Standards for emission configurations in place, end-users get to configure and select emission methods. These features support direct and indirect emissions, emissions from daily allocations, meter sub-daily emissions, emission scenarios and emission concentration and intensity.

Monitor Emissions

Create, manage, and audit emission calculations using our powerful calculation engine with robust features for data management, validations, approvals and revisions.

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Automate Emission Calculations 

Automate emission calculations with allocations and production data management. There’s no need for manual calculations - emission numbers will be available with updated production values.

Fully Customizable

Gain full visibility into your data and ensure audit compliance. Our calculation engine is fully configurable, enabling new calculations and fine-tune existing calculations in the visual equation editor. 

Decision Support and Optimization

BPM and analytics emission status are available through visualization and alerts, providing decision support for low emission operations. Easily export data and reports or include them in your company’s low emission strategy outlook.

Future of Clean Energy

Learn how to reach your ESG goals faster with an integrated tool to manage environmental emissions.

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