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myQuorum Design Studio is a powerful suite of web-based tools and SDKs built on the myQuorum platform and designed to help administrators and developers extend and personalize myQuorum applications.

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Unique Differentiators

Capitalize on unique competitive differentiators.

Design Studio enables IT and business users to partner and deliver solutions that uniquely align myQuorum and user roles to drive competitive advantages and efficiency.

Increase Agility

Increase the agility of your organization.

Design Studio allows existing personas to be quickly and easily modified or personalized to suit specific business purposes.

Drive Max Value Icon

Drive maximum value from your investment.

Design Studio lets you future-proof your investment by extending myQuorum, interoperating with 3rd parties, and creating tailored business processes and workflows.

Empower the next energy evolution.

Design Studio empowers you to reimagine personas and deliver innovative, seamless user experiences across all devices.


Oil and Gas Software on a Desktop

Accelerate your digital-first transition by collaborating on solutions that bridge today and the future.

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Oil Field Automation Software on a Desktop

Create components that power your personalized myQuorum solutions with the Design Studio SDK.

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Deploy Software

Iterate on and adopt tailored myQuorum personas and components quickly and securely.

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Enterprise Oil and Gas Software on a Large Touchscreen

Conquer your challenges by empowering users with solutions that leverage the full power of myQuorum.

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Technology Enablement for the Energy Industry

Make software work better for your company and capture greater ROI in less time. Design Studio bridges the gap between tailored and off-the-shelf software by empowering you to extend, integrate, and build innovative solutions on the open standards-based myQuorum platform.


Start your company’s next evolution.

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