Top 4 Benefits of Integrating Land Management Software with Document Management

ByKyle Vorndran

March 30, 2020

Leases. Contracts. Title opinion. These are just a few examples of the many land documents that float around the office. From bankers boxes to file cabinets, shared network drives to desktops—documents are proliferating throughout oil and gas companies. Operators are overwhelmed with unstructured documents and spreadsheets. But the nature of land management – acquisitions, divestitures, data trades, land swaps, audits, and more – demands instant access to this proliferation of information.

Take acquisitions, for example. When companies complete a purchase, land teams receive bulk amounts of unstructured information. Then, they have to onboard these files into a searchable format for all users. Files need to be searchable so land departments can quickly track provisions, obligations, lease expirations, and other important information needed to make critical business decisions.

To eliminate document chaos, Quorum has integrated our enterprise land management system, myQuorum Land, with our cloud-based document management system, myQuorum DynamicDocs. Bringing the two systems together gives users a seamless solution for managing documents.

Value of Integrating DynamicDocs and Land

With the April 2020 release of myQuorum land, customers can take advantage of new, seamless integration with DynamicDocs. Highlights include:

  • Seamlessly navigate between DynamicDocs, Land, and GIS
    • Users can already easily open a document in myQuorum Land via the Date and Document Screen. But with the new integration, users can now open DynamicDocs from the Date and Document Screen to see all documents associated with a specific agreement. This capability extends to GIS, where users can click on a shape to launch DynamicDocs and see all the related documents.
  • Automatically load documents
    • Uploading documents into myQuorum Land now automatically uploads files to DynamicDocs, including the relevant attributes.
  • Add a document to multiple agreements in fewer clicks
    • Using assignment as an example, users can add and associate a document to multiple leases at one time with myQuorum Land’s Mass Change functionality. Whether three leases or three thousand, users can save time and avoid having to add documents one by one. And when documents are added into myQuorum Land, the associated relationships are automatically reflected in DynamicDocs.
  • Search based on agreement attributes, not just document information
    • Integration takes search further by automatically syncing agreement attributes from myQuorum Land with DynamicDocs to enable search by agreement name, number, status, etc. As attributes change on the agreement, for example, from producing to non-producing, these changes are automatically reflected in DynamicDocs.

For more information on the latest release of myQuorum Land, please contact us or visit our website.

To learn about the joint solution from a customer’s perspective, watch our webinar with Camino Natural Resources.

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