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Digital Transformation and the Modern Energy Workplace


Three major trends in the energy industry are driving companies to reconsider how they do business: improving business agility, increasing operational efficiency, and a changing workforce. Quorum software incorporates four core digital technologies that help companies address these challenges through digital transformation.

$1T the value digitalization can create for oil and gas
50% of skilled oil and gas workers will retire within 5 years
78% of Millennials are more effective with technology.
Cloud Software

The Cloud

Cloud technology helps companies lower IT infrastructure costs, break down operational silos, scale quickly to meet business demands, and future-proof their technology investment.

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Oil and Gas Software on a Tablet


Mobile-first software improves decision-making by delivering reliable data access, and it improves workforce collaboration between field and back-office personnel.

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Internet of Things

The Internet of things

The Internet of Things (IoT) makes faster responses and less downtime possible by providing data integrity, real-time data access, and improved visibility into asset health and telemetry.

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Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence solutions empower decision-making by letting users report on, visualize, and explore the information they need to make informed, data-driven decisions.

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We power it all with a purpose-built platform.

myQuorum is the industry-leading, cloud-based, oil and gas software platform empowering companies to meet their short and long-term goals. The platform enables enterprise integration; drives faster deployment; and gives you access to clean, consistent, and consumable data; so you can:

Make decisions faster and confidently.

Collaborate more effectively.

Empower your users.

Lower your IT overhead.

Reduce workforce transition costs.


Technology Enablement for the Energy Industry

Make software work better for your company and capture greater ROI in less time. myQuorum Design Studio bridges the gap between tailored and off-the-shelf software by empowering you to extend, integrate, and build innovative solutions on the open standards-based myQuorum platform.


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