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Technical Forecasting

Quorum's technical forecasting software helps you rapidly assess the economic potential of your assets with connected decline curve analysis, type curve analysis, analog forecasting, cross-plots, gas material balance, and volumetric analysis within a single application.

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Val Nav

Gain confidence in your production planning and forecasting with Val Nav, the energy industry's most complete economics and reserves solution.


Develop Accurate Forecasts

Quorum makes light work of routine tasks, allowing teams to spend less time data mining and more time on in-depth analysis of large data-sets and trends. Engineers can run forecasts with confidence, knowing that ninety percent of the time the forecasts require no change at all and the remaining are easily identified and only require modest updates.

Make Reliable Decisions

When price fluctuations impact your business, eliminate the guesswork of understanding the impact on your plans. Quickly make changes to multiple scenarios and make decisions based on real-time models to better coordinate planning efforts.

Decline Curve Analysis Backed by Experts

Don’t spread yourself thin with error-prone, hard-to-maintain spreadsheets. Aucerna software employs the very best research from the world’s foremost experts to let your teams perform production forecasts, with confidence, in seconds.

Simplified Well Forecasting Across Any Play

All in one multi-product forecasting enables your teams to perform fluid forecasting, type wells, workovers, auto-forecasting, and more, for both conventional or unconventional plays.