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Components Sales

Support operators and partners in activities related to the settlement of hydrocarbon sales.

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Control Project Costs

Efficiently track quantities of oil, gas, and other liquid sales then prepare them for invoicing.  EC Sales supports the sales organization in selling and/or trading hydrocarbons, including complex gas sales contracts management. This is relevant both for owned and partner-operated assets.


Sales Dispatching

  • Contract Management
  • Sales Forecasting
  • Sales Availability Planning
  • Sales Nomination

Sales Allocation

  • Sales Delivery
  • Sales Allocation
  • Contract Account Management

Price Determination

  • Price Inputs
  • Price Calculation
  • Price List Management

Physical Transaction Support from Forecasting to Settlement

Get full insight to into all aspects of the transactions from forecasting of sales volumes, to categorization of delivered volumes and calculation of contract prices.

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Handles Complex Sales Contracts

Supports selling and trading of hydrocarbons, with complex gas sales contract management capabilities.

Better Allocation

Allocate quantities and tariffs to contracts and calculate all associated prices

Improved Reporting

Easy access to data and better insight with embedded Analytics/BI tool.

Energy Components Hydrocarbon Management

For more than three decades, Energy Components by Quorum Software (EC) has been the industry’s flagship solution for production reporting, allocation, and hydrocarbon accounting. With 650 licenses installed 55 countries, EC manages a significant portion of the world’s production of hydrocarbons, making it the global industry leader.

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