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Oilfield Chemistry

Improve performance and efficiency with tools for oilfield chemical management and monitoring strategies.

Optimize Chemical Performance

Track oilfield chemistry performance with automated data processing for critical chemical status information. Speed time to value and improve the accuracy of your data.


Chemical Management

Enable better chemical demand planning and ensure chemical treatment compliance through data registration automation and processing. 

Laboratory Management

Simplify sample schedules, registration, and data analysis. 

Planning and Operation

Planning and operation of sample program schedules and treatment status, providing an effective base for obtaining system and performance status.

Cost Effective Chemical Management

Automate and simplify time-consuming data processes, extract more valuable information for effective decision making, and optimize operational processes at a lower cost.


Effective Monitoring

Track flow assurance and integrity indicators with treatment and operational data. Record and monitor chemical statuses, actual and target rates, and dosage in combination with production and operational data from Energy Components Production.

Verify Compliance

Estimate chemical injection rates and calculate dosage from applications and treated facility equipment. Combine with measured indicators and identify risk tolerance to determine treatment efficiency and compliance.  

Better Planning

Monitor chemical availability, usage, and demand. Estimate usage data and create custom workflows to update your ERP system and reduce time and effort managing chemical volumes.

Solve Your Oilfield Chemistry Challenges

Chemicals are critical components in today's oil and gas production, and often with high impact on cost of operation, production regularity and operation integrity. Non-efficient use of chemicals may lead to increased operational cost with more frequent interventions, deferment, increased maintenance and downtime. Learn how to solve your oilfield chemistry challenges and add more value to your operations. 

Solve Your Oilfield Chemistry Challenges