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Personnel Logistics

Managing offshore workforces is complex. Energy operators need a solution that manages personnel logistics safely and efficiently, to and from the sites.

Proven Personnel Logistics Platform

Manage personnel logistics with a proven platform for reservations, check-in and dispatch, request and approval, waiting list, standby and more.


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Global Passenger Bookings


Self-service Check-ins 



Enables you to set up your Operational plan and plan the personnel needs through the Shift Plan, POB Plan, enabling automation using the Group and Personnel Schedules for fixed rotas. Further you may set up the transportation plan bringing these resources to site.


Covers functionality required to do all sorts of Transportation Management, be it for Flights, Helicopters, Vessels or other Vehicles. Also included in this Module you will find KPI Dashboards, Map, Traffic Log and DFR Control.

KPI & Reporting

Covers functionality to do your required operational reporting, divided into the categories of Traffic, Planning, Economy, Offshore/Onshore, Training and Administration, but naturally focused on Manifests, POB Reports, Mustering Reports etc.

Personnel Logistics

Covers functionality to manage Personnel and Logistics, including rota planning, making Reservations for their whole itinerary out to the site, Check-In & Dispatch, Request & Approval, Waiting List/Standby and more.

POB & Asset Management

Covers functionality for managing of your complete Personnel on Board – be it offshore or onshore. That is done through managing of Arrivals, performing allocation Room, Bed, Lifeboat and Emergency Team and Roles. Important is also the features for doing Lifeboat-and Emergency Team forecasting.

MyDaWini App

The traveler's app, where the personnel may find information about their upcoming and historical travels, perform pre-check-in update personal info, make a reservation request, check and upload certificates. 

Two Decades of Logistics Innovation

DaWinci changes logistics management for the energy industry by integrating personnel and cargo logistics in one application designed to make logistics easy.

Dawinci Personnel logistics


Efficient Logistics Management

Make logistics easy by integrating your personnel and cargo logistics. Reduce costs by automating the end-to-end processes and removing dependencies on spreadsheets, emails, and phone calls.

Industry Collaboration

Enables collaboration in one tool across the industry enabling distribution of work and sharing of resources with stakeholders across the logistics supply chain, including suppliers, transporters and other operators. Resulting in increased efficiency and reduction of costs.

Accurate Personnel Control

DaWinci enables the Operator to be in full control of the Personnel records, HSE Compliance and POB which is crucial for an emergency. DaWinci operates by the principle of ‘one-time data entry’ meaning that necessary operational core data such as Personnel data are simply and orderly maintained in the application. Furthermore, travelers themselves can update own person data, next of kin and certificates.

Integrated Logistics Management

The DaWinci product brings together the end-to-end Personnel Logistics, Personnel on Board (POB), and Cargo Logistics in one common tool.

Integrated Logistics Management