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Cargo Logistics

Efficiently managing the logistics of cargo to the rigs is complex. Energy operators need a fully integrated solution that gives them a full overview enabling them to manage cargo through the logistics supply chain.

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Two Decades of Logistics Innovation

Energy operators need a fully integrated solution that can manage cargo through the logistics supply chain, eliminating complexities.


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Global Passenger Bookings


Self-service Check-ins 



Facilitate operational, shift, transportation, and personnel on board (POB) plans and group, bulk, and personnel schedules.


Manage flights, vessels and other modes of transportation, including dashboards, maps, traffic logs, and DFR control.

Efficiently Manage Cargo Logistics

Manage cargo across the supply chain via equipment planning, cargo and material management, vessel loading and offloading plus inventories on installation.


Fully-Integrated Logistics Management

Save costs by automating and optimizing end-to-end processes and removing dependencies on spreadsheets, emails, and phone calls.

Industry Collaboration

Enable resource collaboration and cost-sharing with stakeholders across the logistics supply chain, including suppliers, transporters, or other operators.

Secure Cloud Software

Keep supply chain information up-to-date for accurate insight at any given time from any device with role-based user access controls. Adheres to EU privacy directives for personal data protection.


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