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LNG Import & Export

Strengthen your LNG import and export business with portfolio-wide cargo scheduling, decision support, and optimization from Energy Components.

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Optimize Portfolio-Wide Cargo Schedules

Optimize your LNG import and export business with a robust and fully integrated cargo management tool that supports resource planning and minimizes the need for third-party cargoes, vessel chartering, and other.


Portfolio Offtake Planning

Increase profitability by reducing the need for vessel chartering and 3rd party cargoes.

Terminal Optimization

Minimize demurrage claims and optimize port resources

Shipping Optimization

Efficiently plan large and complex LNG value chains. 

LNG Planner 

Compare different possibilities in the market or investigate the effect of different events on the plan to for optimal decision making.

Portfolio Dashboard

See the most important information for the entire portfolio available on a single screen. Design your own configurable dashboard to compare scenarios and evaluate impacts. 

Fleet Planner

See your vessel activities instantly including vessel status (laden, ballast, maintenance), activities (load, unload) and conflicts.


See a portfolio view of liftings / supply, Gant chart and table, CRUD operations, and a display of conflicts and third-party cargos.


See a portfolio view of deliveries and commitment to customers and identify deliveries that are out-of-tolerance window, un-backed deliveries, and opportunities.

Cargo Connect

View your complete portfolio and filter based on contract and incoterm, plus see un-backed deliveries and un-matched liftings.

Improve Planning with Decision-Ready Data

Strengthen your LNG import and export terminal business by optimizing your portfolio-wide Annual Delivery Program (ADP) and Short Delivery Schedule (SDS) for LNG.

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Increased Profitability

Make better, more informed plans to minimize third party cargoes and vessel chartering while maintaining customer satisfaction.

Reduced Costs

Enable your import and export business at the portfolio to break down siloed thinking, improve fleet utilization, and increase customer satisfaction.

Rapid Decision Making

Make fact-based decisions with a single source of truth for all parties involved in your planning and execution process.  

Maximizing Value for LNG Import and Export Terminals

Learn top tips from global LNG experts. Start applying data intelligence to assess challenges, find opportunities, and maximize your positive impact with Energy Components.

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