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On Demand Land

Streamline land management processes and maximize oversight with a platform that gives you flexibility on data conversions, reporting, and mapping.

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Streamline Land Management

Account for every acre at any depth with flexible, tract-based analytics designed for the unconventional era. Provide unlimited visibility to the C-suite and casual users alike with intuitive search, maps, and reports.


Custom Forms and Fields

Create your own data fields and forms that instantly show up in reports.

In-App Mapping

For visualizing your data, users can easily create map reports and based on custom fields style layers as desired.

Universal Search

Intuitively search for all your land data using keywords or any other data attribute.

Notes and Calendar

Notes feature allows users to track lease provisions and obligations. Notes with due dates are integrated with in-app calendar-view of obligations with automatic email alerts.

Document Management

Store and link documents to any form in the application. Take advantage of automatic OCRing whenever a document is imported or searched through universal search.

3D Tract Modeling

Models the mineral estate that connects title, lease records, DO, and decks.

Reporting and BI On Demand

Easy to use, drag-and-drop in-app reporting that is also integrated with Power BI and templates to customize reports to your needs.

Mass Import

Quickly mass import all your data through Excel. This facilitates land acquisition process when users are onboarding in a single point of time.

Meets Changing Business Needs

Cloud-based, easily customizable, and amazingly intuitive for the modern land team to accomplish all their duties—only faster, more accurately, and with less manpower.



Scalable Software that Grows with Your Business

Legacy systems and lengthy configurations don’t cut it anymore. With On Demand Land, customers can personalize their accounts with customizable forms and fields, use notes to track provision and create infinite connections between documents and forms that are set up in the app, and mass import data that facilitates scaling. 

Enhance Security and Lower Costs with Cloud-First Application

Deploy accounts in seconds with zero IT costs or involvement. It’s accessible anywhere, anytime and you can protect customer data with enterprise-scale security and backup protocols. It’s fast and constantly improving, with new features seamlessly deployed daily. Customers have full access to On-Demand Land’s secure API and developer toolkit.

Fully Integrated

Includes all the tools land teams need in one fully integrated application. All data points are accessible through APIs and can also be integrated with third party systems. On-Demand Land customers operate more efficiently and accurately by relying on a single source of truth for ownership stakes, well decks, obligations, payments, and more.

Easy Transition with Easier Data Conversion

Land system conversions are no longer a nightmare. On Demand Land importer tools make it a cinch to lift and shift huge amounts of data, documents, and maps from legacy land systems into your On Demand Land account. On Demand’s importer runs hundreds of data validation checks in seconds and creates thousands of accurate new records in minutes—all without a keystroke on your team’s part.

Improved Decision Making

Account for every acre with flexible, tract-based analytics for the unconventional era. With Power BI integration, provide unlimited visibility to the C-suite and casual users alike with intuitive search, maps, and reports.

5 Tips to Modernize Land Management

With so many land management solutions out there, it can be hard to know which one is the right fit for your business. Our expert in land management solutions, Richard Cheng, will show you 5 features you need to modernization your land management.