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Energy Components
Upstream Management

Gain valuable insights into your well performance to avoid unnecessary production loss and increase asset profitability.

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Investigate Well Performance

Energy Components Upstream Management is an oil and gas production planning software that unifies your well data to reveal critical insights that optimize asset profitability.


Digital Twin

Duplicate a complete equivalent of the real asset within the highly intuitive and flexible graphical environment where all dependencies are captured. Use your preferred image of the asset as the backdrop with measured and model data overlaying over it.


Gain total control of your entire asset and operate completely independent of the vendor. Mix and match best-in-class engineering software for the specific part of the asset, even blending competing vendors.

Web Enabled

Press a button and the digital twin of your asset is available for visualization and monitoring from a Web Browser. The browser becomes your interface to set parameters, launch runs and optimizations, and to view the results via laptop, tablet, or mobile phone.


Templatize the digital twin of your asset using a Python script, Rest APT, or a combination, to automate the build of large-scale, complex models.


Improve the ability to maintain integrated asset models with our modular builder, where each part is encapsulated with self-contained sub-projects, that can be exported and delegated to the appropriate teams.

Embed Projects

Improve efficiency by embedding IAM projects in devices and IoT components. Projects can be executed in a terminal (Linux) or a command line (Windows) at run-time.


Increased Revenue with Reduced OPEX

Aid early intervention by quickly identifying well performance issues, enabling operators to take proactive actions for intervention operations.

Improved Well Test and Forecasting

Reduce the duration of well tests by automatically detecting stable periods and reduce the number of well tests by automatically assessing the priority of wells.

Industry Proven Decision Support Tool

Maximize the daily field production while honoring operational constraints and managing bottlenecks throughout the production system.

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