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Energy Components
Integrated Asset Modeling

Quickly integrate models, optimize petroleum assets, and improve long-term planning with Integrated Asset Modeling by Energy Components.

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Improve Long-Term Planning 

Energy Components Integrated Asset Modeling is a robust optimization platform where you can include any operational variable, constraint, or KPI in an optimization scenario.


Well Performance Monitoring

Identify problematic wells through dedicated analytics dashboards and sophisticated models that predict expected production performance and trigger notifications when unexpected events occur.

Well Test Intelligence

Reduce the duration of well tests by automatically detecting stable periods and reduce the number of well tests by automatically assessing the priority of which wells should be tested and when.

Short-Term Production Optimization

Optimize daily asset performance by maximizing oil production and minimizing operational costs, achieved by changing operational parameters while honoring all operational constraints.


Investment Decisions

Gain confidence in your scenarios modeling with truly integrated computational models that capture actual dependencies.

Long-Term Planning

Integrated models graphically and computationally optimize petroleum assets and improve long-term planning. Obtain forecast and prognosis that cover the entire value chain.

Value Chain Optimization

Define opportunities for production optimization on daily production or throughout its entire lifecycle to identify the most profitable options.


Green Field Development

Optimize field development plans by modeling how infrastructure changes impact bottlenecks and asset performance and to improve long-term planning and reservoir recovery strategies. Millions of dollars in savings have been recovered by non-intuitive, model-supported solutions.

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