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On Demand Production

Empower your teams with complete visibility into your production operations. Automate data flow from the wellhead to the back office with On Demand Production Operations, an integrated solution combining SCADA, field data capture, production allocation, and regulatory reporting.

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Automate Dataflow from the Wellhead to the Back-Office

Advance production with one software solution that can accurately track your production performance, lower LOE and reduce downtime all in one place. On Demand Production Operations helps you avoid additional G&A spend on acquisitions resulting in lower costs per BOE.


Place for All Your Production Data


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On Demand SCADA

Collect data automatically from flow computers and feed it directly into your production system.

Monitor Wells in Real-Time

Access critical well data from anywhere and share with field users.

Collect Field Data

Intuitive off-line capable iOS app to empower your operators to review SCADA data and enter manual field readings, downtimes, run tickets and custom forms.


Build Performance Dashboards

Full access to your data so you can create your own dashboards to gain business insight.

Find Exceptions

Quickly find and fix bad data for reporting using built-in validation tools.

Automate Reporting

Set any report to automatically send to individuals and distribution groups for your company and partners.

Set Custom Alarms

Set alarms based on real-time data to respond to issues faster.

Manage Allocation Rules

Perform daily or monthly allocations for faster month-end close cycles.

Visualize Facility Diagrams

Visualize product flow and application diagrams networks with interactive drag and drop tools.

D&C Integration

See drilling, completion, workover activity and costs from On Demand Well Operations and how it affects well performance. 

Benefits of On Demand Production Operations

Produce Trustworthy Results

Understand what drives well performance with a full view of production volumes, downtime, and field activity.

Do More With Less

Respond to issues quickly with real-time data, configurable alarms, and visualizations that let you review large amounts of data quickly.

Operate More Wells with Less Complication

A single user experience across your production operations saves you the time, frustration, and redundant costs that come with managing multiple systems.

Have Confidence in Your Allocation Results

Get full transparency with our integrated allocations engine enabling you to see inputs, outputs, and formulas used for every allocated volume in the system.

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