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Manage the revenue accounting related to the production of hydrocarbons all over the world with Energy Components Revenue, a comprehensive hydrocarbon accounting platform.

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Hydrocarbon Financial Accounting 

Invoice all sales according to contract terms to properly account for revenue.


Financial Transactions

Capture, calculate, and books all equity share sales, purchases, tariffs and royalties by contract and legal entity with flexible invoicing schemes.

Cost Handling

Handle all costs directly from the ERP system and utilize these costs in the revenue process.


Automate and optimize the inventory tracking and transactions to speed time to value in your accounting workflows.


Accurately capture and calculate all quantity data from a variety of sources.


Improve planning and the accuracy of your forecasts across the revenue and close cycle.

Financial Item

Allowing financial values to be associated with any elements in Energy Components.

Accurately Account for all Revenue

Automate accounting workflows and manage your revenue from all over the world.


Reliable Invoicing Process

The solution covers all processes included for hydrocarbon purchasing and sales, from contract to cash. Energy Components Revenue links with your financial accounting system and generates direct postings to the accounts payable, accounts receivable, and the general ledger.

Automated Processes

Automate the revenue process including price calculations, invoice generation, interface to ERP, and more.

Interaction by Exception

Use the BPM features of Energy Components for interaction by exception. 

Don't Leave Money on the Table

Don't leave money on the table due to inefficiencies. Learn how to better manage cost and reduce operating risks.

How to Better Manage Cost and Operating Risks