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Capital Budgeting

Improve visibility and avoid cost overruns by combining capital budgeting, forecasting, and workflow tracking into a single connected system with Execute.

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Visibility Into Project Spending

Execute Capital Budgeting simplifies the budgeting process and automates the re-forecasting of projects to ensure an evergreen view of project spend throughout the year. Linked with AFEs, the system automatically blends actuals and field estimates into forecasts to ensure capital controls are followed with minimal administrative involvement.


Build and Maintain Budgets

Build and maintain accurate, up-to-date capital budgets, and leverage connected planning tools (such as Enersight and Val Nav) as the source of operating budgets. Use Execute Capital Budgeting to track and compare evergreen forecasts to budget snapshots.

Simplified, Automated Re-forecasting

Capital Forecasts can be intelligently blended with actual spend and accruals, ensuring an up-to-date view of current project spend. Feel confident that you’ll always know the current forecast of your company’s capital projects.

Connected Capital Management

Give accounting, finance, and project teams a deeper look with an extra level of control and insight into your project schedules and forecasts to keep project spending on track while minimizing overages.

Custom Notifications and Emails

Keep key stakeholders up-to-date on the status of projects with custom notifications. Build email notifications to keep everyone in the loop and get real-time alerts on updates on tasks, spend alerts, delays, or anything else requiring attention to ensure the business keeps moving forward without delay.

Execute Platform

Integrated Modules

Execute Capital Budgeting is one of four modules available in the Execute application. Take advantage of additional efficiencies by consolidating capital management and well delivery workflows within the same application.

AFE Module

An essential part of the Capital Budgeting module is the connection with the AFE module. Combine the actual spend tracked against AFEs with remaining capital forecasts at a project level to gain a comprehensive understanding of your budget.

Operational Scheduling Module

Integrate your capital timing with the Operational Scheduling module. Place project activities on a schedule to dynamically update timing and better connect operations and financial teams.

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