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Drive operational efficiency, accelerate well and land data access, and streamline A&D activity, acquisitions, trades, divestitures, and decision-making. Our core capabilities satisfy your document management needs.

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Eliminate the Document Chaos

myQuorum DynamicDocs allows you to store, organize, and access all of your oil and gas documents online. With quick classification of each document, you can streamline acquisitions, trades, divestitures, and company-wide decision making.


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Self-service check-ins 


Facilitate operational, shift, transportation, and personnel on board (POB) plans and group, bulk, and personnel schedules.

  • Permanent schedule creates individuals' schedules based on rotations and shift patterns.
  • Group schedules plan shifts and rotations for core crews in back-to-back roles or for specific projects.
  • Reservations are made once schedules are generated and connected to transportation plans.
  • Rotation patterns are visualized for easy resource control.
  • KPIs help with resource optimization and reducing total logistics costs.

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Manage flights, vessels and other modes of transportation, including dashboards, maps, traffic logs, and DFR control.

  • Transportation plans help manage known transportation needs.
  • Transportation plans are made for specific rounds and time periods.
  • Transportation schedules can be made available to trusted partners over the internet.
  • Personnel or cargo can be re-routed with simple updates and adjustments, which are automatically reflected in the map.

Personnel Logistics

Manage personnel logistics, including reservations, check-ins and dispatch, request and approval, waiting lists, and offer self-service options.

  • One-time data entry prioritizes simple and orderly maintenance of core data.
  • Integrate with HR systems to keep certificates up to date.
  • Ensure HSE compliance by cross-checking personnel certificates with certificate requirements.
  • Travelers can use a self-service portal for check-in, maintaining personal information, tracking travel, and much more.

Cargo Logistics

Manage cargo across the supply chain via equipment planning, cargo and material management, vessel loading and offloading plus inventories on installation.

  • Manage cargo across the supply chain, including equipment planning, loading and offloading, and inventory management.
  • Keep anyone involved in the cargo management process up to date with the latest documentation, e.g., packing slips or certificates.
  • Operators can approve cargo for base employees to register receipt upon delivery.
  • The vessel log allows time- and voyage-based logging of vessel activities, products, and cost allocations and controls.

POB & Asset Management

Manage onshore and offshore personnel on board (POB) by tracking arrivals, and room, bed, lifeboat, and emergency assignments, as well as lifeboat and emergency team forecasting.

  • Track arrivals, personnel, and accommodation onshore and offshore.
  • Personnel, bed assignments, lifeboat and emergency roles are easily maintained.
  • Assign emergency teams and roles to ensure compliance with required certificates.

Industry Hub

Enable transportation sharing, reduce data entry, and maintain personnel details across hub participants.

  • Facilitate sharing of costs and resources with hub participants.
  • Traveler self-service capabilities ensure compliance and an efficient supply chain.
  • Supply chain visibility helps hub participants optimize their resource utilization.

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Integrated with myQuorum and On Demand suites

The integration of Dynamic Docs with My Quorum & On Demand suite gives O&G companies better organization, access, and search of all their land files. Enjoy seamless navigation between interfaces. Load and upload documents automatically across interfaces, add a document to multiple agreements at once, and search off specific agreement attributes, not just document information.

Accurate Document Classification

Easily classify well information and gain a competitive edge. Dynamic Docs uses business logic to identify keywords from files to label, organize, and classify files. With unique client data sets, the classification engine can learn the data sets and rules to improve the speed and accuracy of categorization. 

“Smart Search Technology”

Locate information quickly and accurately by narrowing search results to attributes, document tags, or key phrases. Prefer maps? Access the interactive map to locate a specific well, lease, or pipeline, and associated documents.

Document Level Security

Dynamic Docs enables document and information sharing with third parties for A&D, owner relations, and joint ventures while reducing risk and decreasing file duplication. 

Streamline A&D Processes

Dynamic Docs quickly classifies unstructured information received during acquisitions and makes the data fully searchable. You can onboard new asset information at least 30-60% more quickly than manual processes. When assets are ready for sale, “two-click” security settings enable only select access to turn on your own smart virtual data room.

Camino Natural Resources Saves Six Months of Asset Onboarding while Improving Overall Document Access with Dynamic Docs

In dealing with four acquisitions simultaneously, Camino received approximately 1,000 boxes of documents along with hundreds of thousands of digital records that varied widely from each asset seller, including disk drives, documents received by FTP, and database files.

See how Dynamic Docs shaved six months off onboarding and organizing their assets while improving their overall document access and workflows.

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