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Hydrocarbon Measurement Software and Data Integrity Starts in the Field

Increase data accuracy and accountability with trusted hydrocarbon measurement software. Quorum provides a robust suite of automation tools within its gas measurement software to effectively and efficiently manage gas and liquid meter inspections, samplings, and calibration events.

Connect the Field to the Office

Always have the most up to date testing and calibration data to quickly and accurately identify exceptions and facilitate volume recalculations.


Equipment calibration & scheduling

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Liquid meter calibration

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Pycnometer calibration

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Flow and quality calculator

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Integrating gas lab functions

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Equipment Calibration & Scheduling

Use hydrocarbon measurement software to manage and record activities such as meter verifications, commissioning, calibrations, and sampling.

Liquid Meter Calibration

Prove, track, and manage meter performance using volumetric or mass calculations that conform to the American Petroleum Institute guidelines.

FLOWCAL Integration

Native integrations with FLOWCAL automate and improve measurement processes by connecting the field to the office.


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