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Leading Oil and Gas Measurement Software

Rely on the industry leading oil and gas measurement software to consolidate, validate, correct, balance, and report meter data for gas and liquids. 

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Ensure data integrity in hydrocarbon measurement.

As the industry standard for hydrocarbon measurement, FLOWCAL by Quorum Software is proven to streamline key business functions to meet the most demanding system requirements.

250+ Configurable validation set points
80 % of North American midstream operators depend on FLOWCAL
20+ Years of experience exceeding oil and gas measurement needs


See how FLOWCAL by Quorum Software helps oil and gas businesses of all sizes solve gas measurement challenges.


Ensure hydrocarbon measurement data is paired with a system that provides a robust selection of validation parameters and configurable set points for error identification.


Decrease risk with gas measurement software that provides reliable data, verified volumes, and advanced reporting.

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Focus on the integrity of liquid data by identifying and correcting measurement anomalies with the industry-leading liquid suite.

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Validation & Exceptions

Maintain accurate meter data by using the most robust selection of validation parameters available in the industry.

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System Balancing

Improve system balancing precision at the product and component levels for all gas and liquid measurement transactions.

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Superior Reporting Capabilities

Create standard or custom reports and easily distribute them at specified intervals, including daily, weekly, and monthly.

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Regulatory and Compliance Standards

Meet continuously changing regulatory and reporting standards with the industry-proven solution for measurement.

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Services to Simplify Measurement

Measurement services for natural gas, crude oil, and NGLs that provide analytical and software resources to the energy industry.

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Increase operational efficiency with the all-in-one oil and gas measurement software that reduces data management complexity through automation.


“We feel FLOWCAL will help us meet growing demands for timely, reliable natural gas and NGL measurement.”

Warren Peterson, Senior Measurement Specialist

Learn how Alliance Pipeline met growing business demands with FLOWCAL by Quorum Software.

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Enhance efficiency. Mitigate risk. Improve your bottom line.

From exploration to distribution, Quorum transforms every step of the energy value chain.

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