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Upstream Management

Generate invaluable insight from data, enabling opportunities for unified asset overview and increased profitability.

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Integrated module for decision support and optimization

EC Upstream Management helps upstream businesses gain invaluable insight from data, already existing in the EC ecosystem, enabling opportunities for increased asset profitability to be identified and assessed.

Upstream Management Features

Well Performance Monitoring

Well Performance Monitoring

Detects if wells are not performing as expected, triggering notifications when unexpected events occur. This functionality utilizes sophisticated models predicting a well’s expected production performance. The predicted performance is compared against measured performance, making early detection of production losses possible. Dedicated analytics dashboards help identify and rank problematic wells, and to perform in-depth single well analysis.

Well Test Intelligence

Well Test Intelligence

Automatic detection of stable periods, accurate calculation of well test shrinkage factors and flowing composition and automatic acceptance of well tests. This functionality reduce the duration of well tests by automatically detecting stable periods and reduce the number of well tests by automatically assessing the priority of which wells should be tested and when.

Short-term Production Optimization

Short-term Production Optimization

This feature provides functionality to optimize how the asset is operated on a day-to-day basis by maximizing oil production and minimizing operational costs. This is achieved by changing operational parameters while honoring all operational constraints. All physical elements of the asset that either can be adjusted to increase production or impose operational constraints and bottlenecks are modeled.


A dedicated set of management dashboards to evaluate optimization results and investigate well performance.


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