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Cargo Management

An Energy Components module for managing an optimized portfolio-wide cargo schedule for the LNG business

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Integrated module for Cargo Management  

The LNG market is in a state of transition, shifting from rigid, end-to-end trading into a globalized commodity. It is experiencing a global demand growth, giving rise to larger and more complex LNG distribution networks. To address these challenges, Quorum has enriched its world leading hydrocarbon accounting solution, Energy Components (EC) Cargo Management with decision support and optimization capabilities.

Strengthen your LNG Import Terminal Business with Energy Components Cargo Management solution. 

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EC Cargo Management, provides a solution for managing an optimized portfolio-wide Annual Delivery Program (ADP) and Short Delivery Schedule (SDS) for LNG. This module facilitates optimized robust plans contributing to increased profitability with minimized need for 3rd-party cargoes and vessel chartering.

Portfolio Offtake Planning

Supporting customers globally to manage the portfolio offtake planning of their cargoes efficiently contributing to increase profitability with a minimized need for vessel chartering and 3rd party cargos.

Terminal Optimization

EC facilitates robust plans and execution for LNG export and import terminal operations, minimizing demurrage claims and optimizing port resources

Shipping Optimization

Shipping Optimization provides a dedicated workspace to efficiently plan in large and complex LNG value chains contributing to increased profitability with a minimized need for third-party cargoes, vessel chartering and optimized fleet utilization.


Energy components support its customers in their operational decisions, with a resulting increase in production, profitability, and operational excellence. 

Enhance efficiency. Mitigate risk. Improve your bottom line.

From exploration to distribution, Quorum transforms every step of the energy value chain.

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