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Modernizing Oil and Gas

Insights on the State of the Industry

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Read the Full Report to Learn What the Oil and Gas Industry Must Do to Succeed

This eBook illuminates the oil and gas industry’s opportunity to future proof its financial position. Leveraging lessons learned from IT leaders in other industries will help build a technology roadmap designed to withstand a soft economy and accelerate growth in good times.

We polled 400+ IT decision makers (ITDMs) in oil and gas and other industries to gain data-driven insights and attitudes about technology. Key takeaways will demonstrate a path forward to overcome today's challenges.

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“I am confident that our technology changes have resulted in a positive difference at Concho. A lot of these modernization initiatives are proving to have a direct benefit for the business.”

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Want to See the Data Behind Our eBook?

Within the bonus report, you will receive a copy of the raw data, survey questions, and detailed survey responses provided by IT decision makers and oil & gas decision makers.

Download the full 60+ page report for an exclusive, behind the scenes look into data that went into the making of Quorum's eBook, Modernizing Oil and Gas: Insights on the State of the Industry.

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Cloud-based Oil and Gas Software Leads the Industry's Investments

While the oil and gas industry has invested heavily in technologies used in the field to acquire, transform and transport products, it’s behind its counterparts in the delivery of technologies to the back office.

It’s imperative those investments begin to occur in oil and gas software products.

In the report, several areas that emerged as key priorities are ones where the oil and gas industry is trailing its peers for adoption: cloud, mobile, IoT, and analytics.

Modernizing Oil and Gas Resources

The Time is Now!

So what should you do next? We’ve given you the overlay of where oil and gas stands against other industries when it comes to technology innovation and adoption. We’ve also analyzed each tech and why they are important for the future of your business.

Now it’s time to come up with a plan and act. Download the full eBook to gain access to all of the data in the report and see what the next steps are to modernize and future proof your business.

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