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25% lower risk of lost leases
50% faster lease entry
10% increase in A&D valuations

Was your land management software built for accounting?

Accounting software with an add-on land module means it was not purpose-built for land management. myQuorum Land was built for land management by land professionals, incorporating best practices from oil and gas customers to make it the most comprehensive land solution on the market.

Is your data easily accessible?

Land management software with an outdated database or data model makes accessing, sharing, and reporting accurate information extremely difficult. myQuorum Land optimizes data integrity with a centralized database for accessing information company-wide, built-in validation to ensure accurate data entry, and a standardized data model with stricter fields for reliable reporting.

Do you have too many workarounds?

Outdated land management software with no sign of improvement falls behind and disrupts business operations by forcing manual workarounds. Our software provides you the innovation to automate complex business processes, keeping you ahead of the curve with intuitive dashboards, obligation calendars, and more.

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