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Customer Advisory Board

Welcome to the Customer Advisory Board (CAB), Quorum Software’s panel of trusted advisors made up of customers like you. This is an opportunity for you to interact with other Quorum customers, and share your opinions, thoughts, and ideas with the goal of helping to shape the future of our company.

Quorum hosts quarterly CAB meetings organized by industry sector. We encourage you to join us!

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The Next Round Of Meetings Will Be Held At Qnections

Customer participation in the CAB ensures that Quorum customers have an active voice in the direction of our software and services. To find an upcoming meeting, select Read More.

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Customer Advisory Board Directors

The CAB is led by directors who represent customers of a particular industry sector. Directors are elected by their peers and responsible for gathering and sharing their group’s needs and best practices. Quorum's role is to prioritize these needs in a way that satisfies all sectors of the industry.

TIPS Gathering & Processing

Troy Sanstra

Director, Plant Settlement

Kim Legg

Sr. Manager, Scheduling Nominations - G&P

Natalie Endress

Support Manager

Tania Nezic

Measurement Systems Advisor


Jasmine Smith

Commercial Systems Manager

Danna Tow

Manager Process Improvement, Commercial Activities

Robert Engelhardt

Manager, Customer Service, Transmission Business Unit


Martin Gonzalez

Land Manager

Teresa Nunnery

Team Lead – Land Data Management

Gwen Barber

Director, Property Maintenance

Cyndi Tschacher

Land Administration Manager

Marco Soto

Land Administration Manager

Tammy Garvin

Manager, Lease Records

Nena Honaker

Land Representative

Division Order & Revenue Accounting

Ricky Hasoon

Manager - Land Data Management

Brett Williams


Gracie Santana

Revenue Supervisor

Natalie Conner

Revenue Accounting Director

Jeff Lenocker

Revenue Controller

Financials & Cost Accounting

Bryan Smith

Assistant Controller

Mandy Bauernfeind

Accounting Manager

Mark Anderson


Kim Stinson

Corporate Controller

Thomas Kirages

JIB & Cost Supervisor

Measurement (FAB-8)

Lance Loehding

Measurement Director

Lindsey Agers

Measurement Supervisor

Kristi Arledge

Business Systems Analyst

Dain Gipson

Director of Liquid Measurement & Material Balance

Trevor Morrison

Measurement Operations Manager

James Smith

Measurement Processing & Analytics Manager

Stanley King

Measurement Supervisor


Ikhide Longe

Lead Nextgen G&G Data Cleanup and Migration

David Willis

Staff Business Analyst

Brooke Blakely

Data Lead Subsurface Wells

Jesus Rodriguez

IT Manager, Well Lifecycle