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Webinar: “Managed Services”

ByMonica Monforte Barnau

June 19, 2024

Webinar: “Managed Services”

Quorum's managed services drives success in the operations of ONEOK, Lighthouse Midstream, and Energy Transfer. Such was the subject of discussion in Quorum’s recent webinar “Managed Services.” Led by Quorum’s Director, Christina Le, the webinar includes ONEOK’s Director of IT Commercial Applications Baskaran Susaimanickam; Lighthouse President of Services (Midstream) Buddy Gray; and Energy Transfer’s Senior Director of IT Interstate Commercial Application Delivery, Andy Brady.

What Are “Managed Services”?

Managed services are subscription-based offerings which exceed what is thought of as standard. Those who offer managed services provide release support, project management, and training. Members of a managed services teams will collaborate with their customers in the development of tailored plans that address the unique challenges of their customers organization. The webinar describes how at Quorum, managed services teams even work with other providers to optimize Quorum products and better achieve a business’ goals.

Customer Perspectives

In the webinar, panelists describe their own experiences including optimization projects, automating manual tasks, and supporting proof of concept efforts. ONEOK’s Susaimanickam feels managed services are a useful extension of Quorum’s IT and business process support: helping estimate project costs and timelines. Energy Transfer uses managed services for non-project enhancements and fixes, benefiting from the resource flexibility and coordination with Quorum teams. Buddy Gray at Lighthouse Midstream explains how managed services facilitates smoother upgrades, enhanced support, and addresses regulatory needs during their transition to a private company. Overall, managed services are crucial for maintaining project cadence and providing valuable support.

Managed Services Challenges and Solutions

Managed services pose a solution to the following challenges:

  • Accuracy in project estimations
  • Undefined budgetary constraints
  • Detailed project estimations
  • Cost breakdowns
  • Resource allocation
  • Role flexibility
  • Role transition process

While managed services offer flexibility and support, they don’t always solve all resource constraints like heavy workloads or tight deadlines. Also, rotating personnel could pose a challenge—yet at Quorum, the team has always been able to manage transitions. The webinar ends by discussing how efficiently managed services navigates complex challenges, offering tailored support, cost savings, and flexibility. As the industry evolves this provides a competitive edge for strategic initiatives of growth and innovation. Ready to learn more about Managed Services?

Watch the webinar.