About Quorum

A Legacy of Customer Proven Success

ByOlivier Thierry

April 24, 2020

Since the Texas oil boom over a century ago, leadership in the oil and gas business has been built on innovation, strong relationships, and grit. This legacy makes our industry resilient.

At Quorum, we believe smart thinking, trustworthiness, and perseverance are legacy values that drive success in oil and gas operations. Since the company’s founding in 1998, we have put those values to work building the best technology and the best partnerships, through the good and the tough times.

We have been through a lot together. Our commitment to the industry has been—and always will be—to understand your need to operate efficiently today with a roadmap looking into the future.  At Quorum, we always look to the future, so we recognize the wisdom of reinvesting in the products that continue to give our customers a competitive edge. We don’t just tackle emerging industry trends; we start them. We imagine new ways to use technology that anticipates what our customers will need—even before they know it themselves.

Our legacy of success is based on our vision of the future. Our platform is built to future proof our customers’ software investments, to enable them to meet the needs of a dynamic industry through many cycles. Unlike other vendors, we go way deeper than UX, although our user experience is an industry first in personalization, mobility, and web. We design our software around enterprise-grade, open standards-based tooling and components that scale, perform, and integrate – for startups to supermajors alike. That’s why customers have grown their business on our software over the last twenty years. We build great software that continuously evolves and has been proven to last.

Building the Best

Over the last 20 years, we’ve hired only the best and brightest in support of our customers’ bottom-line growth. We are proud to have the deepest and broadest oil and gas software talent in the industry. Our team of subject matter experts guides oil and gas companies on best practices for business processes and technology adoption, helping the industry keep pace.

Constant innovation has resulted in best-in-class, purpose-built software that drives customer profit throughout the entire energy value chain. We’re delivering on the cloud. We’re delivering on mobility. And we’re already working on what’s next.

No matter how advanced our solutions become, our business is rooted in the kind of visionary thinking, partnership, and hard work that have always driven our industry. As our customers know, we put all this to work shaping the success they’re having today, and promising the success they’ll have tomorrow. At Quorum, we’re in it with you for the long haul. In fact, many of our customers are still being taken care of by the same Quorum employees more than 10 years running. We’ve grown together with you as lifelong friends and business partners since the beginning.

In these uncertain times, relying on Quorum’s unmatched legacy of success and innovation will get you through tough times with less risk. Here’s why:

Driven and Proven

  • Quorum has more oil and gas business experience embedded in our software than all of the other vendors combined.
  • No one has a team that can deliver multiple quality projects at the same time. Our deep bench strength of hundreds of experts completed 115 enterprise projects in 2019.
  • We offer proven results to companies of all sizes across the industry. With over 2,000 successful projects, our actions demonstrate our vision to be the best end-to-end provider of oil and gas software.
  • No one does upstream or midstream operations and accounting integration better than Quorum since no other vendor has the software footprint or platform. We routinely deliver on the integrated best practices that delivers the most quantifiable value to our customers. And we do it at scale.
  • A strong balance sheet and financial position mean we are here for the long haul, able to work with you financially in these tough times, where other vendors may not be able to afford to. And we are constantly investing more in software and customer care than our industry peers.

Confidence by Design

  • Vision: The industry relies on Quorum for software that embodies industry standards and was developed over years of innovation cycles in partnership with oil and gas companies. Our open platform and applications are built on robust technologies designed to meet the specific business needs encapsulated in our individual applications, as well as to ensure they can integrate seamlessly with each other and within your IT landscape.
  • Best of Both Worlds: Quorum applications are not only fit-for-purpose but also capable of integrating with other Quorum and non-Quorum applications to meet the needs of your business. In this way, each best-of-breed Quorum application can take advantage of the particular computing and UX needs of a user while working within the confines of a company’s existing software landscape.
  • Scalability: No one supports businesses in the range of customer sizes that we do.

Quorum’s proven success


  • By going with a proven solution, 950 customers ranging from supermajors to startups rely on Quorum’s upstream suite to eliminate technology and business risk.
  • In 2019 alone, Quorum completed 80 Rapid Deployment projects across our Enterprise Upstream Suite, which includes Accounting, Land Management, Production Operations, and Well Lifecycle Reporting. Bedrock Energy Partners, a privately-funded E&P company, implemented the full suite in five months, beating its transition service agreement (TSA) deadline, using the Rapid Deployment methodology.

Midstream & Transportation:

  • More than 350 midstream and transportation customers with over 800 gas plants run on Quorum’s software (our nearest competitor has less than 20).
  • We can support customers of all sizes, from plants with 20 meters to plants with over 5,000 meters.
  • Quorum completed 35 Rapid Deployment projects across our Enterprise Midstream and Transportation Suite in 2019, which includes Gathering and Processing, Supply and Distribution, Transportation and Storage, Marketing and Logistics, as well as Measurement. Greylock Energy, an Appalachia-based upstream and midstream operator, sought to upgrade its software system to a mobile, cloud-based program that would unite separate functions and increase its capabilities. They found that solution with Quorum.


As the market leader in oil and gas software, Quorum is proud of our legacy of customer success and excited about our technology vision. We thank the thousands of customers who have improved their operations and achieved higher profits through their Quorum Software deployments. As Kang Chen, the CIO of Concho Resources, Inc. states, “Having a balance of legacy, proven solutions combined with advanced technology is an important part of our strategy.”  In these uncertain times, you need to minimize risk and go with what is proven.

That’s why the oil and gas industry runs on Quorum Software.