July 31, 2014

Windows 8 Mobile Application for Remote SCADA Monitoring

Headquartered in Tampa, Florida, Fielding Systems is an innovative software company determined to utilize technology in every possible way to automate and improve business processes in the Oil and Gas Industry. Fielding Systems core values are to:
• Focus on building services that work and that provide users with information and insight, not just data.
• Leverage cloud technology to provide cutting-edge web-based applications.
• Lead the industry in capabilities, features, and scalability.

Business Challenge
Tallan, Inc. is a Microsoft National Systems Integrator that designs and builds custom IT solutions, and serves a wide range of industries.
Fielding Systems partnered with Tallan on a Windows 8 mobile application adaptation of ScadaVisor, its Web application which provides Oil and Gas Producers with access to field production data captured through an automated remote data collection framework.
Fielding Systems provides its clients with critical production information in the field, in real-time, therefore it was crucial that they implement a mobile application that would put the correct data into the hands of users around the globe. Initially, the solution had to target the Win8 platform but also needed to minimize the investment and management overhead required to adapt the application to other platforms.

Based on Tallan’s successful execution of past projects, Fielding sought out the firm once again to design and implement its Windows 8 mobile application for ScadaVisor.

The finished product is a responsive web app that is programmed to function in all browsers from desktops to phones. Additionally, it can be deployed natively on Windows or hosted in a native shell, using Apache Cordova, and deployed on other devices including iOS and Android platforms.

The ScadaVisor Win8 app was designed with the following concepts in mind:

  • Rapid deployment and quick on-ramp – for meeting customer needs as quickly as possible with the highest quality application.
  • Leverage existing infrastructure – to control project timeline, resources, and associated development costs.
  • Develop once, with the ability to extend to multiple platforms – for best cost control and manageability. This also allowed the team to focus time and money on building the best application possible with only one version of the application to write.

Technical Specifications
The Win 8 ScadaVisor app uses JavaScript, CSS3, and HTML5 to display data tables, animated charts, and other dashboard information about critical hardware running in the field. It also features a CSS Responsive Design, a Single Page Application (SPA), and cross platform and web architecture for Cloud, Windows store, and Cordova deployment. Finally, the team utilized Microsoft Azure to develop and test the application faster, and at a reduced cost, in the cloud.

Outcome & Benefits
As a result of the ScadaVisor app, the company’s clients are able to optimize their production efforts, reduce critical downtime, and increase overall profits, all from their mobile devices.

ScadaVisor, and the new Win8 mobile app version, both leverage Microsoft Azure Cloud technology to allow Fielding Systems’ clients to be up and polling devices in hours as opposed to weeks or months while providing real-time access to critical data from anywhere in the world, at any time. The Cloud platform also provides limitless scalability and computing power with reduced downtime, increased production, and more control for E&P operations. With the addition of the Win8 mobile app, Fielding Systems’ customers can realize all of the current benefits of their ScadaVisor product from the convenience of a mobile device.
“We’re excited for the release of this Tablet application; it raises the bar for Mobile-First in the Oil and Gas Industry. Tallan brought expertise and development resources that greatly reduced our time to market.” – Shawn Cutter, CEO, Fielding Systems

Technologies Used

  • Microsoft Windows 8
  • JavaScript
  • CSS3
  • HTML5
  • Microsoft Azure