February 07, 2022

Quorum Software Integrates AI into Aucerna Upstream Solutions with Digital Energy

HOUSTON, February 07, 2022 – Quorum Software(Quorum), the global software leader dedicated to the energy industry, today announced a partnership with Digital Energy, an industry pioneering technology company solving inefficiencies with artificial intelligence powered solutions. Through this partnership, Quorum’s customers will have access to ODIN, an AI data fabric architecture to transform planning, scheduling and work execution.

Quorum´s new AI solutions enable companies to easily integrate and map optimized workflows. Advanced AI algorithms utilize the applications framework as a single source of truth – corroborated, collaborated, and ratified for reliability and confidence in the underlying data.

“Major national oil companies have already benefited from our collaboration with Digital Energy by having readily available data to inform critical business decisions,” said Tyson Greer, Executive Vice President & Chief Product Officer of Quorum Software. “Our customers will be able to better optimize their operations to plan for sustainable and efficient profitability and growth.”

Using this technology, a customer will have access to real-time data to make the most informed business decisions. For example, when trying to determine which rig is best suited to drill wells, a customer will be able to provide a set of key criteria. Based on the criteria, the technology will determine which rig has the right torque and horsepower. Of the potential candidates, the technology can then determine the nearest rig with the lowest mobilization cost.

“This partnership was created as a solution to a problem within the energy industry,” said Morgan Eldred, Founder at Digital Energy. “With Quorum, we’re using the power of AI to help energy companies optimize their overall rig and resource processes to save time and money.”

Aucerna Upstream planning solutions will leverage AI with Digital Energy to transform the planning, scheduling and execution of work, leading to higher asset utilization and reduction of cost and emissions.

Last year, Quorum merged with Aucerna, a global provider of integrated planning, execution, and reserves software for the energy industry. Operating as Quorum Software, the combined company acquired TietoEVRY’s Oil and Gas software business, including flagship solutions Energy Components and DaWinci. Together, the company now serves more than 1,800 energy customers across 55 countries.

To learn more about this partnership, visit quorumsoftware.com.

About Quorum Software
Quorum Software connects people and information across the energy value chain. Twenty years ago, we built the first software for gas plant accountants. Pipeline operators came next, followed by land administrators, pumpers, and planners. Since 1998, Quorum has helped thousands of energy workers with business workflows that optimize profitability and growth. Our vision for the future connects the global energy ecosystem through cloud-first software, data standards, and integration. The trusted source of decision-ready data for 1,800+ companies, Quorum Software makes the essential connections that let us work better together in the connected energy workplace. For more information, visit quorumsoftware.com.

About Digital Energy
Digital Energy unite economic strategies with sustainability practices through Artificial Intelligence through a novel "Environomics" approach that enables energy intensive organizations to optimize resources through actionable AI driven advise. The multidisciplinary team comes from deep backgrounds in energy, supply-chain, digital, academia and research. Ensuring all solutions are powerfully connected, and refined by science, technology and human innovation. To learn more about Digital Energy, visit digitalenergy.ai/.