August 11, 2021

Quorum Software Accelerates Compliance with FERC-Approved NAESB 3.2 Standards to Protect U.S. Pipelines

Latest release of pipeline management software meets new standards, including cybersecurity-related guidance sponsored by the Department of Energy

HOUSTON, August 11, 2021Quorum Software (Quorum), the global software leader dedicated to the energy industry, today announced the latest release of its myQuorum Pipeline Management software meets the North American Energy Standards Board (NAESB) 3.2 standards recently approved by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). FERC Order No. 587-Z includes updates to existing cybersecurity-related standards developed in response to the Department of Energy-sponsored cybersecurity surety assessment and are intended to enhance the security measures of business transactions on interstate natural gas pipelines. Quorum accelerated compliance with the latest standards to help pipeline operators quickly adopt the latest best practices, including transparency and cybersecurity-related guidance.

“Security is a critical priority for the energy industry, and recent cyberattacks have put pipeline operators at the forefront,” said Tyson Greer, Chief Product Officer, Quorum Software. “Quorum is committed to developing software that meets high standards, helps our customers minimize disruptions, and supports their operations. We have a longstanding track record of delivering and successfully implementing new versions of the NAESB standards to our customers, including prioritizing NAESB standards as part of our product roadmap, participating actively as a member, and partnering with customers to help them meet the regulatory requirements and demands of an evolving industry.”

Version 3.2 includes updates to the Nominations Related Standards and the Quadrant Electronic Delivery Mechanism Standards and modifications to the data sets that support Nominations, Additional Standards, Flowing Gas, and Capacity Release. Per the Order, interstate natural gas pipelines must make compliance filings by November 12, 2021, and comply with the standards incorporated by reference by June 1, 2022. 

The latest release of myQuorum Pipeline Management is certified to comply with NAESB 3.2. Courtney Harmon, Senior Quorum Manager responsible for myQuorum Pipeline Management, is an elected member of the 2021 NAESB Wholesale Gas Quadrants Services Segment. In addition to proactive support for NAESB through software and stewardship, Quorum provides the following advantages to pipeline operators:

  • Deep Industry Experience: Quorum supports the commercial operations of 26 gas pipeline operators running over 130 pipeline assets, storage facilities, and local distribution companies, including 33 FERC-regulated interstate pipelines, 36 state-regulated pipelines, and seven international pipelines with over 80,000 miles of long-haul transmission pipeline.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Established and ongoing support for FERC, NAESB, and state regulatory requirements to maintain compliance.
  • Best-in-Class Functionality: Unmatched software portfolio with fully integrated, best-in-class software solutions for complex commercial pipeline contracting, nominations, scheduling, measurement, and invoicing processes.
  • Continuous Innovation: Modern, cloud-based platform with continuous investment to enable scalability.

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