December 17, 2013

Quorum Announces PGAS 10.0 and TechTools 10.0

Houston – December 17, 2013.  Quorum Business Solutions, Inc. (Quorum), the leading provider of business and information technology solutions for the oil, gas, and renewable energy industry, announces the release of new versions of two software solutions – Quorum PGAS® version 10.0 (PGAS) and Quorum TechTools™ version 10.0 (TechTools). These two liquid/gas measurement applications have been enhanced to now support measurement of liquid hydrocarbons and incorporate streamlined security. These enhancements are in support of the oil & gas industry’s shift of focus to liquids rich production, and the need for better management of liquid measurement.

Quorum PGAS has long been the leading measurement software solution for the energy industry. A single investment in Quorum PGAS 10.0 now provides a consolidated measurement system capable of managing measurement data for liquids and gas. While previous versions of PGAS focused on gas flow measurement requirements, version 10.0 is enhanced to now accommodate a full range of liquid measurement requirements, in addition to gas.

New capabilities to address liquid measurement include:

  • Liquid custody transfer quantities are calculated for a broad range of liquid hydrocarbon products including crude oil, condensate, natural gas liquids (NGLs), Y-Grade, LPGs, refined products, lubricating oils, and specialty products.
  • Liquid attributes including vapor pressure and base density are calculated in any measurement units required by the user.
  • Data from all meter types are accepted for batch or continuous liquid/gas measurement, as are tank gauges, LACT units, and inventory measurement.

Partial recalculations allow for adjustments from changes in meter factors or S&W measurements. The new software versions providing these enhanced capabilities are created pursuant to Quorum’s ongoing product upgrade release program. Each of Quorum’s products undergo continuous improvement under the guidance of a Client User Group community. This process ensures that Quorum’s products keep pace with changing industry standards and regulations and continue to be the industry’s leading solutions.


About Quorum PGAS

Quorum PGAS liquids/gas measurement is the industry leading software solution for gas and liquid measurement. The system is an auditable enterprise data management software solution that serves as a central repository for all volume and energy measurement data.


About Quorum TechTools

Quorum TechTools is a software solution addressing management of oil & gas field measurement facility inspection including a management toolkit. The system is available stand-alone or integrated with Quorum PGAS for automated sharing of test data, schedules, and meter configurations between field and office.


About Quorum Business Solutions, Inc.

Quorum Business Solutions, Inc. develops, implements, and supports software solutions for the oil & gas industry.

Quorum offers an integrated suite of business applications for companies that produce, gather, process, transport, store, distribute, and market crude oil, natural gas, NGLs, LNG, and wind-generated power. The Quorum suite includes software solutions that manage operational, administrative, financial, and transactional business processes for oil & gas. Products within the suite offer inherent integration to support data flow across the value chain, and are also capable of operating stand-alone.

Founded in 1998, Quorum employs over 385 staff operating out of Houston, Dallas, and Calgary. Quorum has ongoing relationships with over 175 clients, comprised of super-majors, independents, operators, and non-operating owners, including 25 Fortune 500 Companies. Throughout its 16 year history, Quorum has successfully completed over 750 successful software solution deployments.

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