April 13, 2021

Merit Energy Company Moves Gas Gathering Workflows to the Quorum Software Cloud

Oil and gas operator increases productivity and efficiency by moving its myQuorum TIPS gas gathering processes to the cloud

HOUSTON, April 13, 2021Quorum Software (“Quorum”), a world leader in digital transformation for the energy industry, today announced that Merit Energy Company (“Merit”) has successfully transitioned its gathering assets to myQuorum TIPS in the cloud. Merit operations have defined success in the energy industry for over three decades, driven by a focus on reducing costs, improving efficiency, increasing production, and maximizing safety. Moving gas gathering business workflows to the Quorum cloud further enhances Merit’s operations and streamlines acquisitions.

“Merit has a proven model that supports how we operate,” said Kyle Richardson, Accounting Manager at Merit. “Our operations are built on 30 years of experience, a detailed understanding of our assets, and a disciplined approach at every site,” continued Richardson. “Our partnership with Quorum goes back decades, and the TIPS software has evolved and adapted to meet the changing needs of our business, including the transition to the cloud.”

Quorum and Merit transitioned existing gathering assets to myQuorum TIPS, the cloud-enabled version of the 20-year leader in gas scheduling and accounting software. In addition, Quorum conducted data migration for several newly acquired gathering assets into myQuorum TIPS. These processes enable Merit to focus on managing the business, while Quorum supports the company’s infrastructure needs, keeps assets running on the most current software, and empowers the accounting team to support operations with the latest features, functionality, and reporting available. Merit’s solution for gas gathering includes:

  • myQuorum TIPS, Quorum’s gas scheduling and accounting software that eliminates manual processes and improves data visibility
  • myQuorum 365, a premier support experience that reduces the time, effort, and cost of operating Quorum solutions by covering all services for adopting new releases and upgrades
  • myQuorum Cloud, hosting solution that simplifies IT, scales to meet demand and improves customer experience

For information on how Quorum is powering the business of energy, visit quorumsoftware.com.

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About Merit Energy Company
Merit Energy is a private oil and gas company founded in 1989 with a simple goal: play from the center. Merit does not chase trends. We have a tested approach and we do it well — a proven and prudent player which has delivered solid returns time and time again. Visit meritenergy.com for more.