January 13, 2015

Integrating Fielding Systems with Reservoir Management, Accounting, and Other Software Applications

Integration into third party applications is a key component of any enterprise data platform.  These integrations allow customers to share data across the boundaries of disparate applications so that data from various sources can be compared, trended, and reported upon. At Fielding Systems we’ve leveraged various technologies, new and old, to allow customers to pull or push data from our platform into other third party systems of various application including drilling operations, reservoir management such as Aries™, and accounting packages such as SAP™, Enertia™, BOLO™, etc.*

Integrations with third party applications can be developed in multiple forms.  The Fielding Systems Platform allows for us to stand up publicly available APIs (with authorization) allowing other systems using more recent technology to pull data on demand and as needed.  Fielding Systems also has the capability to push data via APIs to systems that support this; however, most applications in Oil & Gas are still running on legacy systems and do not support API communication.  In those cases we can support transfer of data by providing reports and exports of data in specific CSV, tab-delimited, or Excel formats.  Those reports can be combined with our report scheduling engine to automatically drop those files on a designated FTP or SFTP site.

The ability to consolidate critical data allows users to turn data into real actionable information and can greatly enhance the operational effectiveness of an E&P.  In addition to bringing data out of the Fielding Systems Platform, we have the ability to bring data into the system to run alongside your production reporting or SCADA data.  Examples of this include importing final forecast data to compare against recent or current rates, or importing final accounting or vendor numbers against production reporting data.  Much like the exporting of data, this imported data can be pushed through APIs or can be file-based imports via standard or custom built import processes within Fielding Systems applications.

*Fielding Systems is not affiliated with these organizations, but does support integrations with these applications.