September 09, 2014

Free Webinar: Downtime Tracking in Upstream Oil and Gas

Fielding Systems will be hosting a one-hour free webinar on September 30, 2014, on important considerations for collecting, sharing, and reporting downtime data for onshore, upstream oil and gas operations.

Onshore Oil and Gas companies are challenged to effectively maximize performance, reduce downtime, and control costs. Actively tracking and monitoring the reasons and history of the downtime of wells is crucial to numerous departments from operations to production and accounting. This webinar will cover important considerations in collecting, sharing, and reporting downtime data for onshore, upstream Oil & Gas operations.

Important topics that will be covered include:

  • Field Data Capture considerations for capturing downtime data
  • Examples of Downtime Codes and Types
  • Strategies for dashboarding, downtime status, and time
  • Report considerations
  • Advantages gained from effective and efficient downtime tracking


Dave McCarty, Senior VP of Sales, Fielding Systems

As co-founder and Senior VP of Sales for Fielding Systems, Dave provides strategic sales and marketing oversight of Fielding Systems’ Cloud Platform Technology for SCADA and Field Data Capture of production and operations data in oil and gas. Dave has over twenty years of experience in sales, marketing, and management. He has owned, developed, and sold a web-based technology and marketing company. As former Corporate Account Manager for Clean Harbors E&P and AquaTech, Dave is well-versed in the workings and needs of the oil and gas industry.

About Fielding Systems

Fielding Systems provides cutting-edge web and cloud based Oil & Gas software solutions for midstream and upstream companies of all sizes. FieldVisor is field data capture and operations management software that can be used to track everything in production operations.  ScadaVisor is a remote SCADA monitoring and field automation application for monitoring all types of field devices.   The company’s software helps producers gain a competitive advantage by optimizing well production, improving well safety and reducing costly downtime.  For more information or a demo of the software, visit or call 877.987.4823.