September 19, 2014

Fielding Systems Releases Advanced Downtime Tracking Capability

Fielding Systems is excited to announce the release of advanced downtime tracking capabilities to its FieldVisor Production Reporting Platform, a cloud-based platform for field data capture, reporting, and production management. Fielding Systems clients in the Bakken, Utica, Permian Basin, and other major plays are already taking advantage of enhanced downtime tracking, dashboards views, reports, and threaded notes per event. The FieldVisor Platform provides end-to-end field data capture, operations management, and production reporting for E&P companies that are seeking to better manage their operations, maximize oil and gas production, and meet regulations.

Onshore Oil and Gas companies are challenged to effectively maximize performance, reduce downtime, and control costs. Actively tracking and monitoring the reasons and history of the downtime of wells is crucial to numerous departments from operations to production and accounting.

“In oil and gas, there are two things that management and investors want to know – how much are we producing and if a well is not producing, why isn’t it,” explains Dave McCarty, Sr VP of Sales and Co-Founder of Fielding Systems. “The Fielding Systems Platform already tracks production reporting, and now enables our clients to easily share downtime reasoning throughout all affected departments so marketing, accounting, engineering, and management are aware of events that impact production downtime.”

Advanced downtime-related capabilities to the FieldVisor Production Reporting Platform include:

• Allocations adjusted for downtime
• Downtime reporting by code and classification
• Multi-user note threads regarding each event
• Field data capture on native app that works offline
• Downtime and deferred production loss estimations
• Realtime, dynamic dashboarding of downtime events
• SCADA vs Field Data Capture Downtime checks
• Downtime event tickers and layered overlays on views for additional insight during trend analysis