December 11, 2014

Fielding Systems Integrates Image Capture Capability into Custom Forms for Field Data Capture

Fielding Systems Integrates “Image Capture for Forms” into its popular FieldVisor Field Data Capture (FDC) Application used in Oil & Gas Production, Operations, and Compliance.

Fielding Systems, a leading software service provider for field data capture and SCADA monitoring for oil and gas, is excited to announce the launch of a new capability to its FieldVisor Platform. The new capability is built into a Production Reporting system but can also be incorporated into purpose-specific forms and/or dedicated APP’s. This new offering will help oil and gas companies advance their field data capture process and share images companywide.

The image capture tool aims to redefine the way important field data is captured, expanding capabilities outside of just text data capture as a way to visually accompany form data. With this new capability, users can take pictures with their tablet and/or incorporate pictures taken by third parties and associate them with specific form entries. The images are synced with the cloud platform for permanent storage. Additionally, all form data and associated image data is fully integrated with well sites and can be recalled through a dashboard interface and/or on-demand reports.

“This capability extends our FieldVisor Oil and Gas Production Reporting and Operations platform in a manner which helps our clients meet their monitoring, compliance, and field data capture (FDC) objectives,” explains Dave McCarty, co-founder and Senior VP of Sales for Fielding Systems. “The fact that these forms can be easily deployed, completed, and the usage fully tracked for any well or group of wells is a big advancement to the platform. Another huge benefit is the ability of the whole company to use the data across the organization which can impact departments from Production, Environmental Health and Safety, Facilities, and others. The days of emailing around images with zero integration to the wells, issues, and assets they correspond to are over.”

Fielding Systems’ clients are already using these forms to help pumpers and technicians capture production, EH&S, and operations-related data such as SPCC inspections, Flare Logs, Equipment Monitoring, Vehicle Logs, and much more.