October 08, 2014

Fielding Systems Announces Verizon as Sponsor at User Group Meeting

Fielding Systems First Annual User Group Meeting to take place November 13-14 in Tampa, FL. The event will provide attendees with extensive training on FieldVisor and ScadaVisor, as well as education on industry best practices, IOT, and the cloud.

Fielding Systems is excited to announce Verizon as a sponsor at their upcoming First Annual User Group Meeting on November 13 – 14, 2014, in Tampa, FL. Fielding Systems partners with Verizon on field data capture and remote SCADA monitoring. FieldVisor apps offer remote mobile tablet data entry from anywhere and facilitate cloud syncing with cell connection. ScadaVisor mobile can be accessed from any smart phone or tablet and allows for real-time access to SCADA devices and alarming.

The User Group Meeting will cover industry topics such as the cloud, where it’s going, why it’s different than other solutions, what API is and what it means to you, third party integrations, and other best practices on business intelligence automation. Attendees will also receive in-depth training on the Fielding Systems platform and case studies on how to leverage the system. Attendees will experience an array of innovative technologies and get hands-on experience and training throughout the event. Highlights include:

  • Best practices, case studies, and in-depth training on both ScadaVisor and FieldVisor
  • Interactive tablet workshops demonstrating training and the use of tablets to experience a day in the life of a pumper
  • How to turn raw data into trending and analysis for improving processes and maximizing production
  • The role of the Fielding Systems Platform and machine-to-machine (M2M) gateways for the growing Internet of Things (IoT) industry

Additionally, Fielding Systems is excited to announce many new enhancements to the Platform, including:

  • New mobile capabilities
  • Dynamic dashboards
  • Image capture
  • Well file management
  • Process diagrams
  • Custom forms for EH&S inspections and equipment
  • Chemical inventory data capture and reporting

At this event, Fielding Systems will be working with participants on the selection of an advisory council in a continued effort for users to have an input on the advancements of the Platform.