September 25, 2014

Fielding Systems Announces Release of Custom Form Capabilities to Oil and Gas Production Reporting Platform

Fielding Systems, a cloud-based software solution provider for SCADA and field data capture to oil and gas companies, is excited to announce enhanced capabilities to provide custom forms for field data capture on Android and IOS platform/tablets.

Custom Forms can be highly customized for various information silos, including but not limited to: inspections, equipment monitoring, issue identification, and compliance objectives. Form data collected in the field can be realtime displayed on dashboards for internal and external client usage, or available in on-demand and scheduled reports and downloads. Fielding Systems’ clients in major fields such as the Permian Basin, Bakken, and Utica have already adopted this new capability for:

  • SPCC inspections
  • Casing inspections
  • Compressor monitoring
  • Greenhouse gas audit data
  • Flare inspections
  • Impoundment Inspections
  • SCADA meter, sensor, gauge issue identification

Fielding Systems’ ability to capture this form data is unique because it uses a cloud-based platform with a centrally maintained well site database and an expanding API strategy. The central well site structure is the same structure as used in its popular production reporting system, and forms are displayed to Pumpers and Field Technicians in a simple interface that is already widely adopted and familiar to clients utilizing its FieldVisor production reporting system. The utilization of a centrally maintained well site structure reduces administrative setup and maintenance across different kinds of forms and eliminates the need for expensive data cleanup and integration.

Fielding Systems’ new Custom Forms capability extends its production reporting to have integrated data capture and extended field data capture to additional well site production and operations objectives. Having separate applications that are either niche vendor supplied or maintained in disparate applications only creates significant data integration issues for oil and gas. A single platform that can support these Custom Forms and pre-integrate them either as Fielding Systems offering or through an API makes Fielding Systems unique in its ability to extend an oil and gas company’s field data capture capabilities.

The increased compliance requirements, operational efficiencies and the need to manage new kinds of data is driving new field data capture strategies for oil and gas,” explains Dave McCarty, Senior VP of Sales. “The Fielding Systems Platform is enabling our clients to quickly administer, capture, store, and analyze many unique types of production, compliance, EH&S and operations field data. In the past our clients were relying on niche vendors to supply these disparate applications, which by default locked our clients into their commercial offering and also created a significant data sharing and integration issue. Now our clients can maintain control of the data collection applications they want utilized but still can outsource the actual data collection if necessary.”

Custom Forms can be created and deployed in days and may incorporate simple to advanced data field types along with form data validation and form completion statuses. Forms allow for multi-user note threads and can be pushed to mobile devices via a native app synchronization which then allows field personnel to collect data “off the grid.” Most recently, Fielding Systems has also released beta capabilities for incorporating images into forms as an enhanced service.