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Offshore Wind Logistics

Automate management of the logistics supply chain for offshore wind parks and gain a full view of where your personnel are at any time.

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Two Decades of Logistics Innovation

Offshore wind farms require ongoing personnel scheduling and cargo supplies for required operations. Energy Operators need a fully integrated solution to maximize operational efficiency and eliminate these complex logistics.


Deployed in Countries Worldwide


Global Passenger Bookings


Self-service Check-ins


Personnel Logistics

Manage personnel and logistics, including rota planning, reservations & itineraries, check-in & dispatch, request & approval, waiting list / standby and much more.

Personnel On Board and Asset Management

Manage your complete Personnel on Board your offshore site. Automated tracking of movements between vessel and windmill ensuring full overview and allowing for emergency response management.

Offshore Wind Dashboard

Fully integrated dashboard providing users with a complete overview of all offshore assets, map visualizations complete with live vessel tracking and movements enabling users a holistic view of personnel on board.

Innovating the Future of Green Logistics

With increased investment in renewable energy and the need for new logistics solutions to meet the needs of offshore wind operations, Quorum partnered with a leading customer in the market to develop a joint solution to solve cargo and personnel logistics for offshore wind. The solution provides real time visibility of personnel on board vessels and wind turbines, a critical component in emergency situations.

Innovating the Future of Green Logistics - Quorum


Automated Tracking for Personnel Movement

Personnel movements can be fully automated using positioning data and RFID tracking to update personnel location. 

Accurate Personnel on Board Control

Get a complete view of your personnel’s location at any time, either at Windmill or Vessel. Manage Personnel on Board, accommodations, and Emergency Response.

Dashboard Overview of Operations

One dashboard giving you full overview of the operation, personnel logistics and Personnel on Board enabling efficient management of your operations.

Health Safety and Environmental Compliance

Ensure you are compliant with the latest HSE regulations for offshore logistics both for cargo and personnel. 

Offshore Wind Logistics Management

DaWinci brings together end-to-end Personnel Logistics and Personnel on Board for offshore wind parks, ensuring your personnel’s safety.

Offshore Wind Logistics Management - Quorum