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An Energy Component Module to monitor and reduce hydrocarbon environmental footprints

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Take control of your environmental

EC Environmental is a plug-in to Energy Components Production module and enhancement to hydrocarbon accounting providing greenhouse gas (GHG) such as total CO2, CO2 equivalents, methane and more also including calculating emission of harmful substances for production facilities.  



EC Environmental includes features for creating, manage and automate emission calculations using EC’s powerful calculation engine, fully auditable with EC’s built-in features for data management, validations, approvals and revisions.

Emission factors

EC Environmental can calculate emission factors from component analysis or use industry standard emission factors. EC Environmental can also convert between energy and volume emission factors for use in emission calculations.

Automating emissions calculations

Production data is usually managed, calculated, or allocated in EC and provides input for emission calculations. Emission calculations can be included in allocation network models or as separate calculations to run when production data is updated.

Data quality, validations, and approvals

EC Environmental extends EC Production enabling all features for data validation, data locking, revisions, and approvals. All calculated emissions can be traced and verified from input data through formulas with validations, revisions and approvals flows.

GHG calculation library

EC Environmental uses the powerful features of Energy Components for automated and configurable calculations. Emission calculations are created within the EC Calculation Engine where formulas are explicitly displayed in a format easy to read.

Visualize and monitor emissions

With EC Reporting and Analytics Emission status and trends can be monitored and reported. Reports and dashboards can be tailor-made to fit any organizational requirement for monitoring emissions.


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