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An Energy Components module for tracking and optimizing chemical performance

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Cost-effective chemical management

The solution is cost-effective chemical treatments aided by smart management of chemical cost, usage and performance. Automate and simplify time-consuming data processes, extract more valuable information for effective decision making, and optimize operational processes at a lower cost.


Chemical Management

Verify chemical availability, treatment compliance and optimize performance through automated data collection, processing and monitoring. By configuring chemical injection streams linked to production data, this feature automates calculations for target injection rates, actual rates, and dosages. In addition status, usage and forecasting for chemical inventories are automatically updated from tank reading from manual or sensor reading.

Laboratory Management

Sampling and analysis provide critical information used for monitoring performance and compliance of chemical treatments and operation. Simplified workflows and automated data management significantly reduces time spent on managing data. The result is an effective sample and analysis data management. Manage and track laboratory analysis and field measurements such as gas measurements, corrosion, coupons, solids, water analysis and more.

Planning & Operation

Create more effective chemical treatment processes by adding data-driven plans and automated schedules for recurring activities. Plan changes based on compliance tracking, ensure chemical availability from updated status, and set up recurring samples using automated schedules. Improve safe handling of chemicals in the field with chemical quality, health and safety available on the mobile app.

Flow Assurance & Integrity Management

Monitor chemical treatments, production regularity and operation integrity by tracking performance, risk and cost indicators. With the analytics functionality current status, indicator context and trends can be visualized and form the foundation for informed business decisions and strategies.


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