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Insight into Your Business Should be Easy – and Trusted.

To drive the company forward and make the best decisions along the way, users, executives and managers require pervasive access to clean, consistent, and consumable data as well as a choice in reporting and analytics tools.


It’s Your Data. Use it to Your Advantage.

When your data is locked away in databases, inaccessible to all your users, You are not operating as a data-driven organization. Embed information in every decision and solve the toughest challenges in your business with an extensible and flexible set of data-oriented tools. myQuorum’s progressive disclosure of information makes tackling the daily to-do list a breeze and keeps everyone focused on driving the business forward.


Better Decision Making Icon

Empower decision making

With business intelligence built into operational processes users will have the information they need to make informed, data driven decisions.

Software Data

Data when and how you want

Flexible data services help you get the answers you need from the 3rd-party tools you know and have as well as store key information for governance.

Access Software Where You Are

Access where you are

Eliminate hurdles to on-demand access with tools that let you report, visualize, and explore the data you want when and as you need.



Data is an incredibly valuable asset when you have the access, the tools, and the right mindset. With Quorum you can move beyond static reports and spreadsheets to intelligent operations.

Reporting and Visualization

Reporting & Visualization

Drive contextually-aware decisions with pervasive access to integrated data and business processes directly in myQuorum.

Data Services

Data Services

Consume Quorum data in your existing BI or Data Warehouse when and as you want with a flexible a data-as-a-service offering.

Ad Hoc Query

Ad-Hoc Query

Give your teams the self-service tools they need to access, deliver, and report on user-selected data on the fly.

Technology Enablement for the Energy Industry

Make software work better for your company and capture greater ROI in less time. Design Studio bridges the gap between tailored and off-the-shelf software by empowering you to extend, integrate, and build innovative solutions on the open standards-based myQuorum platform.


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