Quorum’s Newest Re-Designed and Robust Tools, eCalendar and QGIS Pro

ByChris Perry

November 22, 2022

My Quorum Land has the most complete, feature-rich set of applications and tools to run your business. The solution has a long track record of customer success receiving active investment today. Some of the largest North American companies rely on our land solution which has been the industry standard for years and continues to grow. The solution’s Senior Product Manager at Quorum Software is excited to share our newest re-designed and robust tools, eCalendar and QGIS Pro.


Organization Vision

What is your vision for your team/organization/change initiative?

  • Our focus with the eCalendar migration was to fold the entire obligation management workflow directly into the My Quorum Platform. As part of the redesign, we worked directly with customers to realign the software requirements and validate the functionality using an agile approach to development, ensuring that the application exceeds their business requirements.

Define the vision once execution happens, what becomes possible?

                We wanted to capture a single, cohesive, integrated application with updated technology, using the My Quorum Platform. This was an opportunity to leverage true workflow features that will streamline the Obligation review and approval processes and mitigate need for manual steps/intervention by Leasing Analysts, Landmen, and Management. By utilizing the My Quorum Platform, users can use a single Dashboard to make recommendations for their Obligations, right alongside other Agreement maintenance activities. 

Identify up to three messages that communicate how the new way is superior to the old, and the ideal future state.

            We’ve really improved the look and feel of eCalendar, giving it a more modern appearance with new features designed with and validated by our customers. This also let us focus on performance and usability, by streamlining application workflows, minimizing number of clicks where possible, providing simple ways to export data, and more. As business needs evolve and team members/roles change within a Land Department, customers can easily alter their eCalendar workflows themselves, building off the robust data attribution that comes native to the My Quorum Land software.


Organization Vision

What is your vision for your team/organization/change initiative?

  • The primary focus for this release was to migrate our QGIS module functionality to be compatible with ESRI’s ArcGIS Pro application. This included a broader realignment with industry trends and gave us an opportunity to fill some gaps in user’s workflow.

Define the vision once execution happens, what becomes possible?

            As a software partner with ESRI, we have been following their journey to redefine GIS tools and workflows into the ArcGIS Pro application.  The maturity of the product as well as our own customer’s desire and timing to adopt ArcGIS Pro allowed Quorum to align roadmaps and deliver a product that takes full advantage of ESRI’s technology.  At the same time, we wanted to enhance the user experience with new mapping tools, including enhanced Agreement Search and Automapping capabilities.  We incorporated performance gains using 64-bit multi-threading capabilities and decoupled many of the strict dependencies on the My Quorum Land version (making it easier to apply new GIS releases going forward). 

You can watch the full webinar here: Land Spring 2022 Release

Capitalize on your technology assets by investing once in a fully integrated solution that scales to meet your business needs. Based on user feedback and ensuring that voice of our customers is heard, stay tuned on our upcoming enhancements and explore Reimagined User Interface for My Quorum Land platform.