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Our Three Big Reveals at URTeC 2018

Quorum URTeC Booth 2018

This was our first year at URTeC, and the conference, which brought together 3,500+ exploration and production professionals from across North America, was equal parts exciting and exhausting. Hundreds of people swarmed our booth for many reasons: to learn about MOSAIC, to demo our reserves and economics solutions, and to get a taste of our fresh Cinnabon treats. The following were the top three things that drew crowds to our booth, #2553.

We Announced our KAPPA Partnership

In case this is your first time visiting our blog, we want to make sure to introduce you to MOSAIC by Quorum Software; our industry-standard, reserves and petroleum economics application that supports reserves management, budgeting, capital planning, and decline analysis. This application is trusted by 60 percent of the largest Canadian producers, so to put it lightly, we’re pretty proud of its performance thus far.

That being said, last week at URTeC, we took our innovation to new heights when we revealed that MOSAIC is the first system of its kind to be integrated with Citrine from KAPPA Engineering.

Sounds innovative, but what does this mean, exactly?

Well, we’re glad you asked. We built a direct link within MOSAIC to input forecasts from Citrine, a field performance analysis software from KAPPA. If you’re an engineer, this import from KAPPA means more time back in your day to analyze and understand wells and less time spent managing data, so it came as no surprise that when we made the announcement last Monday, people walked our way on the URTeC floor.

We Introduced myQuorum Integrated Upstream

myQuorum Integrated Upstream made its conference debut at URTeC 2018. The all-in-one solution connects workflows and breaks down silos for the following units:

  • Land Management – Reliable software that’s trusted by 80% of the largest oil and gas companies in the U.S.
  • Reserves & Economics – Proven to improve reserves processing time from five weeks to five days.
  • AFE – Delivers 85 percent faster approvals for AFEs (in seconds, not minutes).
  • Well Lifecycle Reporting – Completes well lifecycle reporting in as few as five days for small businesses.
  • Production Management – Supplies access to on-demand data that saves you as much as 40 percent.
  • Accounting – Dependable solutions proven over 20 years by 200+ leading oil and gas companies.

Quorum URTeC booth 2018Throughout the conference, attendees came to our booth to experience myQuorum Integrated Upstream for themselves, and perhaps the most interesting trend we noticed was their surprise when they recognized the ability to capture data and share it company-wide using a single platform. To us, it’s a capability that just makes sense, and to the industry, it’s what’s we’re hoping will become the new industry standard. All offices should be setup to embrace the Modern Energy Workplace without limitations to certain teams or individuals.  

We Surprised Attendees with our Strong Snack Game

Cinnabon Tweet to Quorum during URTeCIt wouldn’t be an energy conference if we weren’t there with our popcorn and cinnamon rolls. Attendees swarmed our booth for daily snacks and our friends at Cinnabon were happy to be included.

We know that a strong snack game can make or break a conference, and we were proud to earn the unofficial title of “Best Snack Spot” at URTeC.

The recent surge in the upstream industry was alive and well at URTeC 2018. We witnessed some of the latest science and technologies being applied to the exploration and development of unconventional resources, and we made a few announcements of our own.

If you weren’t able to attend URTeC 2018, you can still catch Quorum at other industry events this year. See where we’ll be on our events page.

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