January 13, 2014

Fielding Systems Unveils Software Enhancement to FieldVisor, the Field Data Capture and Production Reporting Platform for Oil and Gas (Dashboard Version 2.0)

New functionality upgrades include interactive dashboard improvements for totaling, viewing, and drilldown of oil and gas production data.

Fielding Systems, the leader in web and cloud-based software for oil and gas companies, has unveiled an array of enhancements to its field data capture management dashboard, all designed to improve the functionality and efficiency for production operations to view and understand data.

The FieldVisor dashboard enables oil and gas companies to see production from various aspects of the company’s operations, including management, well, pumper, and exceptions. Enhancements to the dashboard include new icons within all widgets and across all dashboards to further improve the user experience and provide more functionality to customize the viewable data.

“The FieldVisor dashboard enhancements are the result of our constant efforts to further improve our Platform in response to changing and progressing conditions in the oil and gas industry,” stated Dave McCarty, Senior VP of Sales for Fielding Systems. “These upgrades are created by gathering input and feedback from our clients and remaining ahead of new technology.”

The FieldVisor dashboard functionality improvements include:

  • Drilldown functionality to review the makeup of total production numbers
  • Drilldown functionality for obtaining detailed or flex reports
  • Direct links to trending information
  • Export tools for third party integration, reporting, and printing
  • Zoom capability to narrow data within certain dates
  • Enhanced trend filtering to display or remove data
  • Drilldown functionality for custom forms deployed to the field
  • Data calculations, filtering, and sorting within standard and custom widgets